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Vacuum Cleaner Reviews - Best Lightweight Models

Updated in 2010

The Simplicity Freedom is the best upright lightweight vacuum cleaner on the market. The Freedom weighs approximately 8 pounds. Simplicity claims that it out cleans the nearest competitor by thirty three percent. In my observation and experience, I would agree with this claims as I am an authorized Simplicity dealer and I have sold the competitor model they are referring to as well.

Since it is truly a lightweight vacuum cleaner, there are no onboard tools or attachments. When you buy a lightweight vacuum, you should also by a small canister vacuum to use for hard sufaces and areas an upright vacuum can not access.

The Simplicity Freedom vacuum can only be purchased through authorized Simplicity dealers. They are not available for sale on the internet as per company policy. If you live near an authorized Riccar dealer, the Riccar SupraLite series is equivalent to the Simplicity Freedom series. Simplicity and Riccar vacuum cleaner supplies are allowed to be sold online, so finding belts or bags on the internet will not be an issue.

The Oreck XL2 series lighweight vacuum is my second choice. Oreck has been around for a long time. While I don't feel their lightweight vacuum is a strong as the Freedom, the availability of Oreck vacuum cleaner and Oreck replacement parts holds a significant advantage over the Simplicity Freedom. I encounter customers who only want to purchase a brand of vacuum they are familiar with. With this being the said, overall I think the Oreck XL is a very close second as far as lightweight vacuum cleaners are concerned.

The Miele Neptune and the Sebo K3 Volcano lightweight vacuum cleaners will outclean both of the upright vacuums mentioned above, hands down. Both have stronger motors, better filtration and make less noise during operation. Whats the catch? They are both compact canister vacuum cleaners. How are they different? The Miele Neptune cost less than the Sebo Volcano. Why? The Sebo Volcano features a better powerhead and is more rugged. Both of these vacuums can handle carpet and hard surface floors very well. While they are both very similar in size and quality, the Sebo Volcano is definately the better choice for a pet owner or for a home where there is a lot of foot traffic because it has a stronger power head. If neither of those scenarios describe your home then the Miele Neptune would be a better value based on the cost.

The Miele Neptune weighs about 11 pounds and the Sebo Volcano comes in around 12 pounds. They both have special wheels located under the body of the canister that allow the vacuum to be easily navigated during operation. They also features multiple layers of filtraton to keep emission low which is a big plus if there are young children or a resident with allergies. The other plus with both of these vacuum cleaners is that you will only need one vacuum cleaner for your home. Can't say that about the uprights because they don't have any accessories on board.

If the home that you are cleaning only has a couple of small rugs in it there are less expensive options available from Sebo and Miele without sacrificing quality. The Miele Neptune and the Sebo Volcano canisters are for homes with a lot of carpet that require a vacuum with power head. You can save a hundred dollars or more by finding a comparably sized compact canister from either Miele or Sebo with the same power. Check out the Miele Polaris or the Sebo K2. They are very simialar canisters but they you are not paying for an attachment that you may not need.

Upright lightweight vacuum cleaner are not usually as strong as a full sized upright vacuum cleaner in the same price range in my experience. They are also not nearly as powerful as the two light weight canister vacuums that we mention above. Upright lighweight vacuum cleaners are however an good option if a consumer has back problems, arthritis, or some kind of condition that is aggravated by pushing, bending or carrying a heavy vacuum cleaner. In my opinion if you decide on purchasing an upright lightweight vacuum cleaner, Oreck and Simplicity / Riccar are the only really choice you have in terms of a quality but light vacuum. In terms of cleaning performance you would be better served with a compact canister vacuum that weighs about the same.

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