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Upright Vacuum Cleaner Reviews - Best

Updated for 2010

The Sebo Automatic X4 upright vacuum is the best all around upright vacuum cleaner available in our opinion. We are not alone on this assessment. The Sebo Automatic X4 was a Consumers Digest Best Buy and has been recognized in numerous publications There are various Sebo Automatic X4 vacuums available. They all have different model numbers and colors but they are the same vacuum cleaner.

The Sebo Automatic X4 is basically an improved and updated Automatic X1. Who cares? You do because the Sebo Automatic X series has the lowest vacuum cleaner repair rate of any vacuum we have ever seen. That includes the other vacuum cleaners on this list, which are also exceptional. Sebo uprights are very rugged. They are powerful and rugged enough to be used in commercial settings.

The Sebo Automatic X4 has the best hose / wand set up of any of the upright vacuum cleaners we tested. You don't have to bend down or turn any dials. Just withdraw the wand and use the hose. That's it. Sounds simple but most vacuums aren't very convenient when you need to use the attachments.

The Automatic X4 is also highly recommended for pet owners The strength of the vacuum suction and it's filtration system act as a one-two punch when cleaning up after your pets. Sebo upright vacuums utilize top quality bags and even boast a S-Class Hospital Grade filter. There are a few similar Sebo vacuum cleaner models that are similar to the X4, like the Sebo X5 which has a longer brush roller but it essentially the same vacuum cleaner.

The Sebo Automatic X4 also has a built in height adjustment and can handle hard floors as well as variable heights of carpeting. It really is a complete upright vacuum cleaner and should last a consumer a lot longer than most vacuum cleaners based on our experience.

The Miele S7 Tango vacuum cleaner is an extremely close 2nd on our list, just slightly behing the Sebo in our opinion. Theses two vacuums are really similar in quality but the Sebo has been available for years and it's durability is unquestionable. It seems like the Miele S7 upright vacuum series is an answer to the vacuum mentioned above. Miele has been the dominant vacuum brand in the canister vacuum category for years and with the introduction of the S7 they have lept over almost everybody else in the vacuum industry in terms of building a high quality upright vacuum cleaner.

In this article, were are referring to the Miele S7 Tango. There are several Miele uprights tha make up the S7 series, with the difference being features. Some s7 uprights have manual height adjustment. This can save you some money if all of the carpet in your home is the same height. Again, the Tango is Miele upright we have chosen as the best of the Miele S7 series.

This Miele vacuum actually have a swivel neck and castor wheels. This feature is generally exclusive to canister vacuums. This means you aren't limited to vacuuming in a straight line. The swivel neck allows you to steer this vacuum and the castor wheels make this Miele vacuum cleaner extremely easy to manipulate during use.

The S7 Miele Tango vacuum has all of the other features you would expect in a top rated vacuum cleaner. Great suction, outstanding filtration, electronic suction controls to increase or decrease the power of the vacuum, etc. This vacuum is just outstanding. It's not light (none of the strong ones are) but it's a great carpet cleaning vacuum.

The Simplicity Synergy is another outstanding upright vacuum cleaner. This vacuum has exceptional suction, outstanding filtration abilities, and it is durable. This is a very high quality vacuum cleaner. This model is ideal for pet owners, people who live near a beach or where sand is tracked into a home, and those who suffer from allergies or asthma. I have listed some of best features below:

1. "Tandem Air System" - The Simplicity Synergy has two motors. Simplicity refers to these motors as a clean air and a direct air motor. They work together to aggressively remove dust and debris from your carpet. The dual motor system provides exceptional carpet cleaning capabilities.

2. Filtration - One Hundered Percent SEALED S-Class HEPA System. The filtration system includes 7 filtration layers including charcoal. Most of the sealed vacuum cleaners available are canisters at the moment. When a vacuum is sealed, this refers to the fact that air does not leak from the creases in the vacuum before it is passed through a filtration filter. This is accomplished by the manufacturer placing rubber gaskeds where leakage would normally occur. This feature is very important to a household where allergies and / or asthma are present. This vacuum cleaner substantially minimizes the amount of dust and debris that is redistributed back into your home while your carpet is being cleaned. I recommend using Simplicity brand vacuum bags only for this model to further compliment the HEPA filtration capabilities of the machine.

3. On-Board Tools - Upright vacuum cleaners are usually limited by the length of the hose that is onboard. The onboard tools on the Simplicity vacuum cleaner will reach the top of an eight foot ceiling, allowing you to clean cobwebs as well as getting into hard to clean area's like under end tables. The standard crevice, upholstery, and dusting brush are included.

4. Additional Features - 35 foot cord, 6 year bumper to bumper warranty, five position carpet, height adjustment, surface selector switch ( for carpet or hard floor), aluminum brushroll, stainless steel bottom plate, headlamps, heavy duty vacuum belt.

The Simplicity vacuum cleaner can only be purchased through a local, authorized Simplicity vacuum dealer. If you have an authorized Riccar vacuum dealer in your area, the Riccar Radiance is an equivalent vacuum cleaner. Simplicity and Riccar are both made by Tacony, and it is very difficult to find any difference between these vacuum cleaners with the exception of the color.

These three upright vacuum cleaners are really close in terms of quality and performance. A case could be made that any one of these vacuum cleaners is the best vacuum cleaner as they each have a little something the other doesn't. The point we are trying to make is you can't make a wrong choice between them. They cost more than most vacuums but your paying for a very high quality vacuum, not mass advertising. Expect a lot from any one of these vacs.

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