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Central Vacuum Cleaners

There are several reasons to consider installing a central vacuum cleaner system in your home.

  1. A good central vacuum cleaner system, properly installed, can last 2 or 3 times longer than a portable vacuum from my experience.
  2. You will find that central vacuum systems provide whole-house cleaning convenience and can improve air quality.
  3. Central vacuum cleaners are very easy to handle. All you have to do is insert a hose at every port/outlet located in each room and begin vacuuming. Most central vacuum hoses are light - weight, crush proof and incorporate swivel handles, which make using the unit a breeze.
  4. Most central vacuum cleaners will give you approximately double the power of a portable vacuum cleaner.

Although a central system will be more expensive to install, they perform very well, and because or their durability, become a long term investment.

I find the following manufacturers make very good central vacuum cleaners:

Central vacuum cleaners seem to have gained in popularity recently. During the construction boom, I found that more of my customers at my store were requesting central systems than I have previously experienced. I attribute this to the fact that a lot the homes being built in the area's surrounding my store were fairly large and this is probably the most convenient type of vacuum cleaner for a large home. The difference between central vacuum cleaner brands is not as significant as if you were buying a residential vacuum cleaner so it should be relatively easy to get a few estimates and figure out what the best deal is. I would recommend you use buy a central cleaning system that utilizes vacuum cleaner bags. Central vacuum bags are large so you probably won't change them often. Cleaning out a bagless central system can be disgusting.

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