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Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner

Dirt Devil vacuums are very popular because they are relatively cheap and come in a wide variety of sizes. Most full sized Dirt Devil vacuums are bagless now. Newer Dirt Devil vacs that use vacuum bags are very inexpensive and cheaply made. They have followed Dyson into the bagless vacuum category as much if not more than any other vacuum manufacturer. Dirt Devil also make a variety of stick and hand held vacs that are relatively inexpensive and relatively conveniently for quick pick ups. Dirt Devil is popular but far from premium brand.

Dirt Devil Vacuum Filters
Bagless vacuum filters F1 thru the F45 and hand vacuum filters.
Dirt Devil Vacuum Parts
Brush rollers, filters, belts and bags for Dirt Devil vacuum cleaners.

Avoiding Dirt Devil Vacuum Repair

The best piece of advice I could give a Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner owner is to change or clean their vacuum filters with regularity. Most Dirt Devil vacs are bagless and easy to neglect because most people feel that as long as they are emptying the dirt cup the vacuum will be ok. Not true. Dirt Devil vacuums generally have a filter inside the vacuum chamber area and possibly an exhaust HEPA filter on the outside of the vacuum. All Dirt Devil filters should be changed every 6 to 8 months. If you have an animal in the home that sheds heavily you may want to consider changing your filters sooner.

Most but not all Dirt Devil vacuums utilize a vacuum belt that stretches over time. The most popular vacuums made by Dirt Devil use a Style 4 / 5 vacuum belt. This vacuum belt and similar belts should be changed every year. Doing so will really help your vacuum cleaner remove debris from the carpet. Obviously the brush roller should also be cleaned with some regularity so that the bristles will effectively brush the carpet while you are cleaning.

Dirt Devil Vacuum Reviews

General Info:

Dirt Devil hand held and stick vacuums are pretty safe investments. Don't expect a ton of performance as these are both made for quick pick ups. Full sized Dirt Devil vacuums clean fairly well for the price. The filters are not cheap and you should expect to spend money on filters over time just as you would have if the vacuum required bags. As far as performance goes Dirt Devil vacuums are probably not the best choice for a home that requires a powerful vacuum. They are ok and good for cleaning an apartment or a small home that does not have a heavy shedding pet. Dirt Devil vacuums are comparable to Eureka or Hoover brand vacuums in terms of quality and performance.

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