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Electrolux powerheads vary in appearance. Check the bottom plate of your powerhead to find out which model number you have. Your PN5 vacuum powerhead for example, may not look exactly like the one in our repair article.

If your Electrolux vacuum cleaner doesn't look exactly like the model depicted in our repair articles, the repair process will still be very similiar to the one we offer on our site.

Electrolux Vacuum Bags Store
Electrolux vacuum bags. Style C, S-Bags, Style U. All canister vacum bags for Electrolux.
Electrolux Vacuum Parts
Hoses for various canister Electrolux canister vacuum cleaners.

Repair Guides:

Electrolux Vacuum FAQ - troubleshooting and general Electrolux vacuum questions.

Electrolux PN-5 Vacuum Belt - for old style canister models

Electrolux PN-6 Vacuum Belt - for old style canister models

Electrolux Upright Vacuum Belt - for the older style upright models, including the Prolux.

If you are looking for a new Electrolux vacuum cleaner, you'll notice some things are a little different. The old tube style canister shape is gone. Also, I'm not sure (of the exact details) who bought who or any of the business particulars at the moment, but Electrolux and Eureka seem to be making the same vacuum cleaners. I've also noticed "Electrolux" vacuums for sale at a large home repair center near my home. Electrolux used to be exclusive to Electrolux vacuum dealers.

While evaluating new Electrolux canisters that use vacuum bags, look for the models that reference the fact that they sealed. By sealed, I mean that they do not leak any air before it is dispelled through a filter. This feature is not usually found in a retail level vacuum cleaner. Anyone with asthma or allergies should own a vacuum cleaner that is "sealed" and has a hepa filter. Excellent feature. There is a bagless upright available by Electrolux but I feel that the bagged models are better at the moment. While no longer a premium vacuum cleaner manufacturer, Electrolux does make decent canister vacuum cleaners when compared to most vacuum cleaner brands that you typically find in big box stores and retail outlets.

Electrolux is currently selling a new series that consist of bagless vacuum cleaners. Getting parts for this series has proven to be difficult at the moment and hopefully this situation will improve as they are being sold at popular retail outlets.

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