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Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner FAQ

Q: How come the roller on my Electrolux canister vacuum does not work?

A: Some Electrolux canister powerheads have reset buttons. Electrolux vacuum cleaners tend to utlilize a geared vacuum belt. Geared belts don't break easily. If the roller got jammed up (by the end of a carpet or a hand towel, whatever) the powerhead will shut off, protecting the vacuum motor from any damage. The reset switch is a small red button located on the top of the powerhead. Electrolux vacuum belts rarely break.

If pushing the reset button didn't work (you don't hear the motor), it's one of two things. The roller is still jammed up or you have an electrical short somewhere starting from the hose to the powerhead.

Q: Do I have to use Electrolux brand vacuum bags?

A: I don't. I definately would NOT use any cheap supermarket bags. Years ago some of the cheap vacuum bag makers were making the cardboard section of the Electrolux vacuum bag to thin and the canister would literally pop open. This kind of gave all generic Electrolux bags a bad name.Make sure you are using a multi-ply (if it's an older model) or an allergy-treated Electrolux canister bags, regardless of who makes it. Envirocare, DVC and Micro-Lined both make aftermarket bags that are suitable for Electrolux vacuums.

Q: How do I unclog my Electrolux canister vacuum?

A: First you need to find the clog.

Step 1.
Change the vacuum cleaner bag if it's full (or close) and check for any obstructions in the area where the hose connects to the canister. Turn on the vacuum and check the suctions with the hose off.

Step 2.
Put the hose on the Electrolux canister and check the suction this way. If you're hose is clogged, don't stick anything long inside of it. These hose usually have an electrical connection built into them and if you break the connection, you're buying a new hose. You can use a different canister to try to "suck" whatever obstruction is blocking up your hose (you may end up clogging the other vacuum hose) or if you have an older canister model, slide open the exhaust panel and try to "blow" the obstruction out the hose. Electrolux hoses aren't cheap, so you may want to bring the canister to a vacuum cleaner store and let the staff deal with the problem.

Step 3.
Check the powerhead for an any obstructions. I've found plenty of socks, match booklet, doilies, and small child toys over the years blocking the powerhead entry point.

Q: How often should I change my Electrolux vacuum belt?

A: Not often. I would recommend that you check the belt area once a year. You're checking the belt to make sure it's not fraying. It's a good idea to check the belt area because it gives you an excuse to clear any debris from the roller.

You can find repair guides to some of the Electrolux vacuum models on the Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner page of this site to assist with a belt change or check up.

Q: How often should I change my Electrolux vacuum cleaner bags?

A: I recommend changing your Electrolux vacuum bags (upright or canister) before they become three quarters full. After a bag is half full in an Electrolux, it will usally start to effect the performance (suction) of the vacuum. If you vacuum up a lot of sand, change the bags after they are one-third to half full.

Former maker of Electrolux vacuum cleaners. They still sell vacuums.
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