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Miele S5 Canister Vacuums

What the difference between a Miele Callisto and an Aquarius or any of the other S5 lines of vacuum cleaners? We lay out the similarities and differences between 4 of the most popular Miele canister vacuum cleaners that are part of the S5 series. S5 Miele canisters are full sized. They are a better choice than the Miele compact canisters for large homes or pet owners.

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Royal Blue
Deep Black
Capri Blue
Luna Silver





The 4 models listed above share the following features:

Active HEPA Filter.
Sealed System Construction.
Recommended for medium pile carpeting and smooth flooring.
1200 watt Miele-made Vortex Motor System
Can use Super Air Clean Filter and Active Air Clean Filter in place of the Active HEPA Filter.
Silence Insulation Safety shut off on overheating.
29 foot operating radius.
Parquet Floor Brush.
3 integrated accessories (crevice tool, upholstery brush, and dusting brush).
4.76 qt. IntensiveClean Plus dustbag with flap for dust free removal (2 included).
Vacuum bag change indicator.

What’s different about the Pisces (S 5280) Royal Blue?

The Miele Pisces vacuum cleaner uses an air-driven power head. This means the Turbobrush vacuum roller head, the hose, and the stainless steel telescopic wand are all non-electric. The vacuum roller is activated by the suction produced by the vacuum cleaner. Suction can be adjusted via a rotary dial on the canister.

Miele Calisto, Aquarius, and Capricorn similarities:

The Miele Callisto Aquarius, and Capricorn canister vacuums all utilize an electric power brush for vacuuming carpet. This also means that the vacuum hose is electric and is the stainless steel telescopic wand. They also have what Miele calls a “deluxe handle”, which I also refer to as an “ergonomic handle”. Now we’ll get back to the differences between these 3 models.

Additional features/differences enjoyed by the remaining 3 Miele S5 vacuum cleaners (Callisto, Aquarius, and Capricorn).


Suction is controlled via a rotary dial on the canister.


Automatic setting (power related, example would be setting the suction for curtains or for high pile carpeting).
Suction control via +/- controls with LED indicator on the canister.
Filter indicator.
Overheating lamp.


Suction control via +/- controls on the handle with LED indicator.
Filter indicator.
Overheating lamp.

When purchasing the Callisto, Aquarius, or Capricorn, you will may have the option of upgrading from a mid-sized powerbrush to a full sized. The mid-sized powerbrush is 10 ½ inches wide with a floating head (Model SEB 217-3). Miele recommends this for low and mid pile carpet care. The full-sized powerbrush 13 5/8 inches wide and lets you adjust the height based on the pile of the carpet. Miele recommends this carpet tool for deep cleaning medium and thick carpeting. If your house is carpeted and you have allergies/ asthma or pets, I would recommend paying the extra money for the full sized power brush.

Why purchase a Miele S5 series vacuum? I recommend these vacuum cleaners as a vacuum store owner for several reasons.

I have found that Miele is one of the most reliable vacuum cleaner manufacturers. I’ve sold them for years in my store, so I feel qualified to make this assessment. This is important, especially when buying a product on the internet. Why take a chance with a less reputable product when you’re having something shipped to you.

The fact these vacuums utilize a sealed system is also very important to allergy/asthma sufferers. If a vacuum cleaner isn’t sealed, it will leak air through the creases before it has a chance to be passed through all of the potential filters a vacuum may utilize. Combine this feature with a Certified HEPA filter, and it really makes a lot of sense. The Miele HEPA filter is certified by the DMT Air Quality Testing Institute. You will actually improve your indoor air quality as you vacuum.

Miele has been a leader in vacuum filtration technology for years and it’s one of the few vacuum manufacturers that I feel comfortable carrying and recommending.


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