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Hoover Vacuum Belt

Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Belt Replacement - Elite, Runabout, Legacy, Dimension Upright, Encore

Replacement Hoover Belt
Hoover vacuum cleaner belts for upright and canister Hoover vacuums..
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Step 1:
UNPLUG YOUR HOOVER ELITE VACUUM CLEANER. I use a belt with the Hoover part number 38528-040 or a generic. If you are looking online for a belt, you can go to the Hoover website and enter you make and model number of your vacuum cleaner to identify the part numbers of the accessories (like the belt) that you need.
front view of vacuum base

Step 2:
Remove the height adjustment knob. Place your Hoover vacuum upside down on a surface similar to the one shown in the photo.Touch the release on the right side of the vacuum cleaner so the handle isn't in a locked position.

height adjustment knob
bottom view release latch
Step 3:
Use a flat head screwdriver to release the latches that secure the vacuum roller plate.
removing roller and belt cover


Step 4:
Pry the cover of the vacuum off of the bottom plate using a flat head screwdriver.

removing hoover elite vacuum belt
Step 5:
Flip the vacuum over and lay it down on the table. Lock the handle release. If there is a belt on the vacuum, cut it off or remove the belt from the vacuum motor shaft. Flip the vacuum back over so that you are looking at the bottom. Remove the roller.
prying cover off
remove vacuum belt
Step 6:
Make sure your roller spins freely. Place the new vacuum belt around the roller and reinstall the roller. Make the roller turn by manipulating the belt. This will assure the belt is installed correctly. Reinstall the bottom cover.
reinstall vacuum roller
reinstall hoover parts
Step 7:
Pull the belt over the vacuum motor shaft. Pull on the belt to spin the roller to make sure that the belt was installed properely.
belt install over motor shaft
spinning belt before power on
Step 8:
Snap the roller cover plate back onto the bottom of the vacuum cleaner. Release the handle lock so the vacuum will lay flat on the table. Place the cover back on the vacuum. Don't forget to place the height adjustment know back on the vacuum.
reinstall hoover base cover
Step 9:
Spin your roller one last time before you plug the vacuum back in. If there is a burning smell, the belt is trying to spin but something is preventing that action.
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