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Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Roller

Convertible Vacuum Roller Repair
(Metal only)

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Step 1:
UNPLUG YOUR HOOVER CONVERTIBLE VACUUM CLEANER. If you don't want to replace the brushes, you can just buy a new roller. I would suggest you buy a wooden roller where the brushes are part of the roller. They're relatively inexpensive.

Step 2:
Place your Hoover vacuum upside down on a surface similar to the one shown in the photo.Touch the release on the right side of the vacuum cleaner so the handle isn't in a locked position.

hoover vacuum roller repair image
hoover vaccum roller repair image
Step 3:
Push the release on the bottom of the vacuum out with your thumb to remove the bottom plate on the vacuum. Remove the bottom plate. If there is a vacuum belt on the machine, remove it from the motor shaft.
hoover vac roller repair image
hoover vacuum repair image


Step 4:
Remove the roller from the machine. You should remove any string, or carpet fibers from the roller with a scissor. Grab both end of the vacuum roller. Turn the end in your right hand counter-clockwise to loosen while turning the left end cap clockwise. One of the end caps will come right off. Pull on the other end cap until the end cap, rod, bearing, and thrust washer come out. This will all come out together.

hoover vacuum roller image
hoover vacuum image
Step 5:
Using pliers, hold the center of the rod firmly while you loosen the other end cap with your hand.If you are NOT replacing the roller brushes. go to step 7. With a flat head screwdriver, pry the bearing holder off of the roller.
hoover roller repair image
hoover roller image
Step 6:
Pry the old roller brushes out of the roller with the flat head screwdriver. Slide the new brushes into place.
hoover vac roller repair image
hoover vacuum cleaners image
Step 7:
Clean out the bearing holders of any debris. Reinstall the bearing holder on both sides of the roller. Make sure you line the end cap notches with the roller. See the picture for a close up. Place a thruster, bearing, and end cap on one side of the rod. Insert this into the roller. IMPORTANT!!! The thrust washer must alway be "behind" the bearings.
hoover vacuum cleaner image
hoover vacum cleaner image
Step 8:
Place the thrust washer, bearing and end cap over the other end of the roller, and hand tighten. Place your new vacuum belt around the roller and place the roller back in position.
hoover roller repair
Step 9:
Look down at your vacuum cleaner and notice a groove (there is also a small picture on the vacuum belt in postion if you look closely at the bottom of the vacuum)that is etched into the vacuum cleaner. This is a guide to make sure you don't install the belt backwards. Pull the belt into positon over the motor shaft. Look at the picture on your vac and confirm that your belt is in the same position on your vacuum cleaner. Spin the roller a couple of times to make sure everything is installed correctly. Place the bottom place back on the vacuum and lock it back into place.
hoover roller repair image
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