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Hoover Vacuum Cleaner

Repair and maintenance tips for your Hoover Vacuum

Hoover has produced a ton of different vacuum cleaners. They vary in style, but as far as belts and rollers go, they can be very similar. For example, the Hoover Elite, Encore, Dimension Upright, Legacy, and Runabout vacuums look slightly different, but they all use the same belt, and the same repair procedures..

Hoover Vacuum Repair:

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Vacuum bags for current and older Hoover vacuums.

Hoover Elite Vacuum Belt - and some similar models Hoover vacuums mentioned above.

Hoover Convertible Vacuum Belt - old style upright vacuum.

Hoover Convertible Vacuum Roller - repair worn brushes or replace bearings.

Hoover Vacuum Tip 1:

If you have an older Hoover vacuum and access to another vacuum cleaner with hose and a crevice tool, vacuum out the cloth bag. If you're model doesn't have a cloth bag, use a new paint brush with the vacuum hose to clean out the vacuum bag area. Use the paint brush like you're "dusting" to free up the dirt while you're vacuuming.

Hoover Vacuum Tip 2:

Use micron filtered vacuum bags, especially if you have an older model Hoover vacuum. These machines redistribute a lot of dust and debris when you vacuum. They tend get really dirty inside based on my observations. Use good bags.

Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Review

General info: Hoover is generally a department store quality vacuum cleaner. Low to mid range pricing. Widely available. You get what you pay for. Hoover makes some very inexpensive vacuum cleaners, none of which I recommend.

Pros: Easy to find belts and bags in department stores and supermarkets. Not restricted to a vacuum store for some parts. Self propelled models are avaible if that is a feature you want. The Windtunnel series is probably one of the better department store quality vacuums. Hoover make very good commercial vacuum cleaners.

Cons: Hoover bagless vacuums are high maintenance. It is easy to burn out motors on there bagless vacuums if they're not properly maintained. Windtunnels are heavy. Probably better suited to a one story home.

Comments: Of all the Hoover vacuum cleaners (upright or canister), I would recommend the Windtunnel series. My observations is that Hoover has made efforts to work out some of the bug in there newer vacuums, making these vacuums more reliable. I would also recommend Hoover commercial vacuum cleaners for a large business.

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