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Kenmore Vacuum Cleaners from Sears

Kenmore Vacuum Overview

Kenmore is one of the better retail quality vacuum cleaner brands and has been for a number of years. While Kenmore does make upright vacuums available in their product line most people prefer a canister vacuum. This is one of the few vacuum brands where the canister outsells the upright models.

Kenmore vacuum parts can be purchased at Sears or online. EnviroCare, DVC and MicroLined all make high quality vacuum bags for Kenmore vacs. Some of the newer vacuums that Kenmore is making come with a cloth vacuum bag. The cloth bag offers a higher level of filtration. Exhaust filters are also becoming more commonplace in the Kenmore vacuum line.

Kenmore Vacuum Bags Store
Bags for the Kenmore Whispertone, Progressive and PowerMate
Kenmore Vacuum Parts
Supplies for Kenmore upright and canister vacuum cleaners.

Kenmore Tips 1 - Kenmore 5055, 50557 and 50558 vacuum cleaner bags will all fit the same vacuum. This can be a little confusing but this size vacuum bag has been in production for over 15 years and Kenmore continues to reintroduce it with different product numbers. This is the vacuum bag that fits most of the full sized Kenmore canister vacuums.

Kenmore Tips 2 - anasonic makes a lot of the Kenmore canister vacuum cleaners. The Panasonic C-5 bag is the same as the Kenmore 5055 bag. When you are shopping online the brush rollers and replacement parts you see for Kenmore are probably made by Panasonic. They are of equal quality in my experience.

Kenmore General Vacuum Review

Kenmore is a Consumers Digest favorite. It seems like they have at least one canister vacuum that receives a Best Buy rating every year. Kenmore canister vacuum cleaners are a very good choice in the $200 to $300 prices range. While they tend to be on the heavy site they are dependable and clean effectively when compared to other canister vacuum cleaners in that price range. While Miele and Sebo actually makes much better canister vacuums in my opinion they cost quite a bit more so the comparison is not really a fair one. Kenmore does make some bagless vacuums but they are generally on the cheap site. Any Kenmore I have every seen at Kmart is cheaply made and I would recommend that you buy a Kenmore at Sears, where you would have more choices available.

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