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Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Belt

Kirby Vacuum Belt Change for Generation 3 thru 6, Ultimate G, Sentria

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Step 1:
UNPLUG YOUR KIRBY VACUUM CLEANER. There are slighty different types Kirby belts available. I believe they are the same size, so I don't really see a difference (regarding performance) in which kind you buy if you're presented with more than one. The newer belts designed for the Generation series are knurled on the inside.

Step 2:
You should be facing the front of your Kirby vacuum cleaner. The height adjustment lever will be on your right. Push the lever all the way down. Lift the light hood with your left hand. Turn the vacuum belt lifter counter-clockwise with your right hand. Unlock the accessory lock. The accessory lock is located under the light hood. Move the lock to the left to disengage it. Remove the front of the vacuum cleaner.

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Step 3:
Turn the vacuum belt lifter all the way clockwise until the belt drops down. Unlock the roller plate by releasing the two latches on the rear.
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Step 4:
Pull of the roller plate off. Before pulling the roller out look at the magnet strip on the roller end. Remember what side of the rug nozzle it is on. Remove the roller. Place the new vacuum belt on the roller. When placing the roller back into the rug nozzle, make sure the magnet strip is in line with the sensor. If you put the roller in wrong, the vacuum cleaner belt will not line up with the bottom plate.

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Step 5:
Reattach the bottom plate and lock the 2 rear latches. Turn the belt lifter counter-clockwise, making sure the belt is being lifted into place. Reassemble the vacuum. Turn the belt lifter clock-wise, releasing the belt onto the vacuum cleaner motor shaft.
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