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Kirby Vacuum Belt

Changing your (old style) Kirby Vacuum Belt
(Heritage, Heritage II, Tradition, Classic, etc)

Kirby Belt and Rollers
Discount Kirby vacuum cleaner supplies. Belt, vacuum bags, brush rollers, etc..
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Heritage, Heritage II, Legend, Legend II and other old Kirby vacuums.

Step 1:
UNPLUG YOUR KIRBY VACUUM CLEANER. Before you go any further, take your time with this belt change. It's not that difficult, just a little different than most other vacuums. These belts are very easy to find on the internet.
kirby vacuum image

Step 2:
You should be facing the front of your Kirby vacuum. The height adjustment lever will be on your right. Push the lever all the way down. Lift the light hood with your left hand. Turn the Kirby vacuum belt lifter counter-clockwise with your right hand. Unlock the accessory lock. The accessory lock is located under the light hood. Move the lock to the left to disengage it. Remove the front of the vacuum cleaner.

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kirby vacuum image
Step 3:
Turn the vacuum belt lifter all the way clockwise until the belt drops down. Unlock the roller plate by releasing the two latches on the rear. Pull the roller plate up slightly and then off.
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kirby vacum cleaner image


Step 4:
Bend one end of the roller bracket just enough to remove the roller. Remove this end of the roller. If you need to replace the roller take it all the way out. Remove any carpet fiber, string, or hair from the roller with a scissor.

kirby vac image
kirby vacuum image

Step 5:
After you have removed the old belt, slide the new one back on the middle of the roller. If you're Kirby vacuum cleaner has a belt indicator light, the roller will have a magnet built onto one end of it. It's very important to install to install a roller with a magnet on the same side as the indicator light. The roller actually will only fit into the roller plate one way.

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Step 6:
Place the roller back in the roller bracket. Place the roller bracket back and lock it into place with the 2 latches. Rotate the vacuum cleaner belt lifter counter-clockwise. You should feel the the belt catch. Look inside to make sure the belt is being stretched onto the vacuum belt lifter. Reassemble the machine. After you have reassembled your Kirby, turn the belt lifter cockwise, releasing the vacuum belt onto the vacuum motor shaft.
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