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Repair and Maintenance info for your Kirby Vacuum

Kirby basically has 2 styles of vacuum specific to vacuum cleaner belt installation. The old style (Heritage, Tradition, Classic, etc.) and the more current style (Generation, Ultimate G and the Sentria). All of the Kirby vacuum cleaner vacuums use the same size Kirby vacuum belt. We have Kirby vacuum repair guides for both belt change scenarios below.

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Bags for the Kirby Sentria, G6, G5, G4, G3, Ultimate G and older Kirby vacuums.
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Kirby Vacuum Repair Guides:

Kirby Vacuum FAQ - Troubleshooting and general Kirby vacuum questions. Applies to all Kirby vacuum cleaners made in the last 25 to 30 years.

Kirby Vacuum Belt - instructions for older Kirby vacuum cleaner models like the Tradition, Heritage, Heritage II, Legacy, and the Legacy II. If your Kirby vacuum uses a Style 1, 2 or 3 vacuum bag then this is the right article. Kirby only makes on size vacuum belt so a current Kirby belt will fit your older Kirby vac.

Kirby Generation Vacuum Belt - these instruction will help you change your Kirby vacuum cleaner belt if you own a Sentria, G6, G5, G4, G3, Diamond Edition or Ultimate G 2000 & 2001 Limited Edition vacuum. Kirby belts should be changed once a year or when they break to maintain optimal cleaning performance. These instruction are also helpful to anybody who needs to replace and older Kirby brush roller.

Kirby Vacuum Tip:

Regardless of which of the Kirby vacuum cleaners you own, use a different vacuum with a hose and a crevice tool to clean out the inside of the cloth bag. This is especially imortant if you have an older Kirby that has a dump out exterior cloth bag. The exterior vacuum bags get so caked up with dust and dirt they tend get kind of gross if you don't clean them out. You'll also notice a smaller cloud of dust appearing around the vacuum when you start it up (again, referring to the older, dump out bag style). Switching to a synthetic cloth disposable Kirby bag instead of paper will help keep you outer bag cleaner inside and reduce emissions.

Kirby Sentria Vacuum Tip:

If you do not actually own a Kirby vacuum cleaner but might be interested in buying one it would be best to really search for as many product review type websites and magazines as possible. Yes Kirby does make a very heavy duty vacuum cleaner. You really want to find out what other owners think of their Kirby vacuum cleaner. Any reputable web sites that have vacuum cleaner reviews from professionals or customers will point out the obvious pros and cons of the what would be the Kirby Sentria at the moment. A new Kirby carries a hefty price tag so any additional research is probably worth the time.

Kirby Sentria Vacuum Tip:

Kirby Sentria owners should be aware that not all Kirby Sentria vacuum cleaner bags are the same size. Any Sentria made in 2009 or later uses a Style F bag (Functional Fit). The Style F bag has what can referred to as rabbit ears (2 tags) on the cardboard piece that mounts the bag to the vacuum. The Style F bag doesn't fit the older Sentria or any of the Generation or Ultimate G models. The different sized bags for the Sentria causes confusion for current Sentria owners. Before buying bags for your Sentria I would recommend that you find a site with the actual images of their out kirby vacuum bags of the wrapper.

Quick Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Review

General Info: One the most popular names in vacuums. Can only be purchased from authorized Kirby dealer. Additional attachments can be purchased (carpet shampoo, polisher,etc.). Heavy Duty. There's only one current model. Current model is equipped with self-propelled transmission.

Pros: Excellent carpet cleaning vacuum. Very reliable. Will probably outlast any other vacuum cleaner on the market right now. With the exception of the fan, this is a very hard vacuum to damage through normal use.

Cons: Very heavy, tools are not that easy to attach. Tough to get into tight spots. I wouldn't recommend trying to do any repairs other than changing a belt, bag, or roller. Expensive.

Comments: Kirby vacuum cleaners, while expensive have maintained there reputation as a reliable and long lasting vacuum cleaner. I don't think any of the older vacuum cleaner manufacturers can make a case against this statement.

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