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Kirby Vacuum Cleaner FAQ

Q: Why is my Kirby vacuum becoming so hard to push?

A: The vacuum belt has broken or become so stretched that the roller doesn't spin anymore once the vacuum make contact with the ground, or you accidentally lowered the height level of the vacuum cleaner too much. Both answers assume that you do NOT have a Kirby with the self-propelled feature. Kirby belt change tips with pictures are located on this site for both types of Kirby vacuum belt replacement.

Kirby Vacuum Belt
One size that fits all Kirby vacuum cleaners. Made by Kirby for Kirby.
Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Bags
G6, Sentria, Ultimate G and all other Kirby bags in various sizes. Quick ship.

Kirby Vacuum Belt - belt repair for older models like the Legacy and Heritage vacuums.

Kirby Generation Vacuum Belt -belt repair for the Generation series and Ultimate G vacuums

Q: Does it matter which vacuum bags I use?

A: Yes. Kirby has a limited filtration system and it's largely contigent on the quality of the disposable vacuum bags, especially if you have an older Kirby vacuum. If you have a Kirby G3, G4, G5, G6, Ultimate G, or a Sentria made before 2009 then they can all use the same size vacuum bag. I would recommend using a filtered (allergy) bag to avoid redistributing debris back into the air. New Kirby Sentria vacuum cleaner use the F function fit bag which comes in hepa paper or the hepa cloth material.

Kirby makes a vacuum cleaner bag that is associated with the original Kirby Sentria. It has outstanding filtration and is less likely to tear. This Kirby bag comes in blue package and has a Kirby part ID of 204803 or 205803. Again, this high quality vacuum bag will fit any Kirby vacuum cleaner made in the last 20 years except for Sentria vacuums made in 2009 or later. This is the best vacuum cleaner bag available to any Kirby owners that uses a Style 3 vacuum bag or any of the Kirby models mentioned in the paragraph above. These bags are more expensive than other ones Kirby makes but they are worth the price.

Q: What size vacuum belt does my Kirby take.

A: If the vacuum belt says it fits a Kirby vacuum cleaner, it fits all of them. The current Kirby vacuum belts are knurled on the inside of the belt to provide more traction. You can use whatever Kirby vacuum belt you get your hands on first based on my experience.

Q: Why is my Kirby making a loud noise?

A: You may have broke the fan. If you take the front of the machine apart (like you are going to replace the belt), it will expose the fan. Make sure the vacuum is unplugged before you do any of this. Spin the belt motor pulley slowly and view the fan. You may have a plastic fan that has a broken apart or something is obstructing the fan from spinning. If you are having any problem regarding sound with your Kirby bring it to a vacuum cleaner store for an estimate. You might not want to involved with replacing the vacuum fan. This is a little more of an advanced vacuum cleaner repair. Kirby vacuums usally last a long time if you care for them properly. Fans can break and if that is the problem causing the noise an experienced vacuum tech can take care of this repair easily enough. If the fan does not seem to be the problem then you definitely need to bring it in for repair.

Kirby Vacuum Tips
Kirby vacuum tips that apply to Kirby vacuums like the Sentria & Ultimate G.
Kirby Sentria Vacuum Parts
Find the right brush roller, hose or belt for your Kirby vacuum cleaner.

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