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Electrolux PN-6 Vacuum Cleaner Belt

Changing the Electrolux PN6 Powerhead Vacuum Belt

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Electrolux PN6 powerheads may vary in design. For example, your model may not have a light. Your powerhead may vary slightly in design from the one depicted below. Also, make certain that the belt you are using is for the PN-6. Electrolux vacuum belts look alike, but they're not all the same size.
Step 1:
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Step 2:
Disconnect your Electrolux powerhead from the vacuum cleaner. Place the powerhead upside down on a flat surface so that you access to the bottom plate. Remove the phillips head screws and put them to the side. Flip the powerhead back over so that you are looking at the top of it. Remove the top of the Electrolux powerhead. If there is a headlight lense on your powerhead, remove it.

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Step 3:
Move the headlight over to the side so you can lift remove the brush roller cover. Look at the ends of the roller. Notice the screw in front of each end of the vacuum roller. Remove both screws. Pull out the roller.
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electrolux vac cleaners


Step 4:
Remove the old vacuum belt and inspect the roller. Use a scissor to remove any hair, string, and carpet fiber from the roller. Make sure the roller is spinning freely.

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Step 5:
Install a new vacuum cleaner belt by placing it over the motor shaft, and then placing the roller back into plate, with the belt already around it. Reinstall the screws that secure the roller.

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Step 6:
Spin the vacuum cleaner roller a few times to assure that everything is ok. Reassemble your Electrolux PN6.
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