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Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner Belt

Replace your Electrolux Upright Vacuum (Epic) Geared Belt

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Step 1:
UNPLUG YOUR ELECTROLUX VACUUM CLEANER. This is definately a belt change that can get expensive if you break something. I do not like the idea of a regular person changing this belt. I've seen people crack the housing the machine trying to gain access to the roller area. Be careful or just bring it to a shop. These belts last a long time anyway. This article will not work for newer Electolux vacuums.
elctrolux upright vac

Step 2:
Place your vacuum cleaner so that you have access to the bottom plate. Remove the screws and put them to the side. Flip the vacuum back over and lay it down flat.

electrolux upright vacuum
electrolux upright vaccum cleaner
Step 3:
Place a large screwdriver between the wheel and the cover. Do this over both wheels. Now, CAREFULLY pry the top off with a large screwdriver. You need to release it from the bottom housing.
electrolux cleaners
electrolux vacuum cleaner


Step 4:
Look near the ends of the roller. The roller will be secured in the vacuum housing with screws. You need to remove this screws in order to remove the vacuum roller. If you're roller resembles the one in the picture (the original roller probably will), you can slide the belt pulley out to remove any debris in this area. Use a scissor to remove any hair, string, and carpet fiber from the roller. Make sure the roller is spinning freely.

electrolux upright vacuum
electrolux upright vaccum cleaners

Step 5:
Check the vacuum hose. Make sure it is clear of any debris. Install a new vacuum belt by placing it over the motor shaft first. Put the vacuum belt over the roller, and reinstall the roller. Secure the roller back into place with the screws.

electrolux upright cleaner
electrolux vac upright
Step 6:
Spin the vacuum cleaner roller a few times to assure that everything is ok. Reassemble your Electrolux Upright Vacuum.
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