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Miele is probably the most popular premium vacuum cleaner brand widely sold on the internet. I am a big fan of their hepa canister vacuum cleaners. Miele has been an industry leader when it comes to quality and clean air. They have certified hepa filters (the first to do so), and a large variety of vacuum cleaners to choose from. Miele canister vacuums have traditionally been much better than their upright vacuums but this has changed a bit since the S7 upright series was introduced. I've been a Miele vacuum dealer for years, so I have experienced the quality of there products first hand and find the quality of Miele canisters to be very high.

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Miele S5 Canisters - comparison of the new Miele S5 canister vacuums by feature.

Miele Vacuum Bag Chart - Find the right vacuum cleaner bags for your Miele canister or upright. For some reason, this information never seems to be listed with the vacuum cleaner specs when your browsing online.

Miele Vacuum Shopping Tip 1:
If you are shopping for a Miele canister vacuum, and you have carpeting in your home, you want to purchase a model with an electric hose and wand. You also want to make sure you are getting the Full Size Powerbrush, if available. They are sometimes priced with a less expensive mid-size powerbrush, but the full size powebrush is the superior part. It is designed for deep cleaning medium and high pile carpeting. Even if you have low pile carpeting, I would still spend the money to get the better powerbrush. It will clean your carpet better, especially if you have a pet.

Miele Vacuum Shopping Tip 2::
If most of the floors in your home aren't carpeted, you would be well served buying a canister with a non-electric hose. These Miele compact models usually come with a parquet floor brush. If you have a couple of small, low pile carpets then make sure you get the Miele turbobrush vacuum head. The vacuum roller is powered by the suction coming from the hose. The canisters with non electrick hoses are considerably less expensive than their electric counteparts. The suctions is still very strong and the vacuum is generally a few pounds lighter than the full sized Miele vacuums.

Miele Canister Vacuum Review

General Info: The Miele vacuum brand continues to grow in popularity due the fact that they specialize in making vacuum cleaners that appeal to allergy/asthma suffers. They're not inexpensive. Miele canister vacuums start in price over $300.

Pros: Very good quality, one of the best quality canisters available. Very good motor warranty. Make sealed units which prevents leakage before the debris is filtered and redistributed into the air. Very reliable.

Cons: Only available from authorized dealers. Aftermarket bags and parts are not very high quality. You'll want to buy Miele brand name accessories as opposed to generic copies. If you have carpeting, make sure the model your buying comes with a power brush for carpet (preferably the full sized deep cleaning head). Buying a Miele is an investment.

Comments: Miele has some of the most allergy and asthma friendly vacuum cleaners. Miele focused on this years before a lot of other companies, and have remained at the forefront of allergy friendly products.

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