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Oreck Vacuum Belt

Change your Oreck XL Vacuum Cleaner Belt

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Step 1:
UNPLUG YOUR ORECK VACUUM CLEANER. Make sure you really look at the bottom of the vacuum before you open it up. You should check the conditon of the rubber piece that is positioned behind the roller on the bottom plate. Also check the brushes on the bottom plate (not on all models). The brushes are to the left and right of the roller.

Step 2:
Place your Oreck vacuum upside down on a soft surface similar to the one in picture A. I straddle the vacuum cleaner and use my body to keep it from falling. Look at the bottom of the vacuum cleaner. There may a spare vacuum belt located by the wheel on your left side, if you're lucky.

bottom plate
Step 3:
This Oreck vacuum cleaner has 5 screws (Picture B). Remove the screws with a philips head screwdriver. Now you will remove the bottom plate from the vacuum cleaner. Collect the screws and put them to the side. New Oreck vacuum cleaners may have a side access panel. I don't use it. If you're going to change the vacuum belt, it's a good time to inspect your roller.
remove bottom cover


Step 4:
If the vacuum belt is is still on the cleaner,the easiest way to remove the belt is to cut it off with a cutting tool. You can also remove it by spinning the roller forward with your right thumb, which should be placed slightly to the left of the belt (picture) Slowly guide the belt to the right as you spin the roller forward. It should just fall off. Remove it from the motor shaft and throw it away.

oreck belt removal
detach from roller

Step 5:
Remove any hair, carpet fiber, or string from the roller with a scissor. Try to avoid taking the roller out. If the roller is starting to wear, you can remove it and lower the height of the roller by adjusting the roller mounting tabs when you place it back in the vacuum.

Step 6:
Place the new Oreck vacuum belt around the motor shaft first Now, place your left hand over the roller. Don't push down, just use the left hand to keep the brush roller from popping out of the vacuum. Take the belt with your right hand and place it over the top of the roller. Lightly push the belt forward onto the belt pulley with your right thumb , maintaining a little pressure on the roller. It is not necessary to push very hard in any direction. The vacuum belt will "catch" onto the roller without requiring any real exertion from the person replacing the vacuum cleaner belt.
oreck vacuum belt install
Step 7:
Spin the vacuum roller with your hand. You want to make sure that the vacuum belt is firmly on the vacuum, and that the roller is not broken. Place the bottom plate back on the vacuum cleaner. You will feel it "catch". Spin the roller one more time to make sure it will spin freely when the machine is plugged in. Screw the bottom plate back on.
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