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Oreck XL Vacuum Cleaner Repair

Repair Info: Unclogging an Oreck XL Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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How do you know if it's clogged. The vacuum cleaner motor sound like it's working normally. The brush roller is spinning when you turn on the machine, but the vacuum cleaner bag isn't expanding with air. There are two areas of the Oreck Upright vacuum cleaner you can check for clogs before things get very involved.

Step 1:
UNPLUG YOUR ORECK VACUUM CLEANER before you perform the repair.

Step 2:
Remove the paper vacuum cleaenr bag. Look where the paper vacuum bags mounts to the vacuum cleaner. Is this passageway clear? Oreck vacuums clog in this area often if you overfill the vacuum bag. Turn the vacum cleaner around so that you are facing the back of the vacuum cleaner.

Release the bag spring on the bottom of the exterior cloth vacuum bag.

oreck vacuum bag
oreck vacum collar
Step 3:
If you have a new Oreck vacuum you will notice the 2 collars on either end of the tube. Turn the top collar clockwise to loosen it. Turn the bottom collar counter-clockwise. If you have an older Oreck XL vacuum, it may have metal buttons that hold it together. Press the buttons to release the vacuum tube.
oreck cleaners


Step 4:
Lift the tube so that it slides out of the bottom of the vacuum cleaner. Then slide if off of the top. Look for the blockage inside the tube and into the base of the vacuum. Remove any debris from your vacuum.

oreck vacuum stem
oreck XL bottom plate


Step 5:
Place your Oreck vacuum upside down on a soft surface similar to the one in picture A. This Oreck vacuum has 5 screws (Picture B). Remove the screws with a philips head screwdriver. Now you will remove the bottom plate from the vacuum cleaner. Collect the screws and put them to the side. Remove the roller and the belt.

oreck vacuum belt
oreck vacum belt
Step 6:
Look at the area circled in the picture. If there is anything clogging up the vacuum in this area, remove the debris. After you have cleared all the debris from your Oreck, inspect your vacuum belt and roller. If the belt needs to be changed refer to the vacuum belt article on this site. Place the bottom plate back on the vacuum cleaner and continue to reassemble your Oreck. Don't forget replace your paper vacuum cleaner bag or you will be sorry later.
oreck roller area
Step 7:
Turn the vacuum back on for a few seconds. If the vacuum cleaner bag is expanding, you should be back in business. If you still have a problem with the vacuum, go to a professional vacuum cleaner store.
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