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There are 2 different size vacuum bags that may fit an Oreck XL vacuum cleaner. The portable canister only comes in one size. Most Oreck customers are not sure what size the upright XL Oreck vacuum cleaner takes because the bags are large and are not changed frequently. The newer Oreck XL2 series upright vacuum cleaners will use the Oreck "CC" Style vacuum bag. "CC" style vacuum bags are made to fit the "bag dock system" that exist on the newer Oreck vacuums, as well as the old style Oreck upright. The advantage of the Oreck "bag dock system" is that the vacuum cleaner bag is secured into the dock system to eliminate any chance of the bag being "blown off". The older style Oreck vacuum cleaner bags will NOT fit the "dock station style" Oreck vacuums. There are some other sizes Oreck bags but none of the machines are very popular so I will just focus on the Oreck vacuum you probably own. I have a fair amount of customers in the vacuum store and when I ask them which vacuum bag they need I only receive an answer about 30 percent of the time. It is worth mentioning that Oreck bought the vacuum company that made the Halo vacuum. The Oreck Halo vacuum has its own size vacuum bag but it only fits the HALO so you do not need any help here with that one.

Oreck "CC" style vacuum bags will fit on older model Oreck models that don't have a docking station, but I don't recommend using the newer bags in the older models. The cardboard on the back of the "CC" Style vacuum bags is considerably larger and will wear against the tops of your exterior vacuum cleaner bag assembly. Original style Oreck vacuum bags are still widely available, so there isn't a reason to start using the Oreck "CC" vacuum bag.

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The old style Oreck vacuum bags simply "pop" right onto the vacuum cleaner. When you change your vacuum bag on the old style Oreck vacuum cleaner, make sure that the flow diverter is still attached to the vacuum cleaner. The flow diverter can be found in the photo to the right. If you are replacing your Oreck vacuum bag, there should be a piece on the exhaust that you attach your vacuum bag to. This piece is located at the top of the hole. The diverter prevents the vacuum bag from being blown off. If your Oreck vacuum bags does become dislodged during use, the vacuum isn't damaged but you'll have a big mess at the bottom of your clothe vacuum bag assembly.

The Oreck Housekeeper or Busterbee is the Oreck portable canister model that is usually purchased with the upright will use a "BB" style vacuum bag. I would recommend using a hypo-allergenic vacuum bag with the portable Oreck canister vacuum cleaner. The Oreck upright vacuum's usually come with a hypo-allergenic exterior bag assembly to prevent debris from being redistributed after is has been removed from the carpet. The Housekeeper has no such advantage, so don't use cheap vacuum bags if you can help it.

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Oreck Exterior Vacuum Bag Replacement

The older style Oreck XL exterior vacuum bag assembly is the easier of the two to replace. The Oreck vacuum bag assembly would need to be replaced if it is damaged or you would like to upgrade to a hypo-allergenic exterior bag. First, unzip the exterior vacuum bag. You will notice a clip that is holding the bag assembly to the vacuum. This clip can be removed with a flat head screwdriver. Release the spring that secures the bottom of the vacuum cleaner. You should now be able to remove the exterior Oreck bag assembly and install a new bag. Make your the clip that hold the bag onto the vacuum is installed properly.

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