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Oreck XL Vacuum Cleaner Repair

The upright Oreck XL series vacuum cleaner hasn't really changed substantially over the years in my opinion. The various models they have sold over the years basically share the same fundamental design and really do not differ in any substantial way. Any troubleshooting and repair techniques for an upright Oreck vacuum cleaner should vary slightly if at all from vacuum to vacuum.

Oreck Vacuum Cleaner Bags
High Density and Celoc bags. CC, XL an HouseKeeper vacuum bags.
Oreck Belt
Replacement Oreck XL & XL2 upright vacuum cleaner belt. Quick Shipping.

Oreck Vacuum FAQ - Common question I receive about Oreck vacuum cleaners specific to troubleshooting and proper vacuum maintenance.

Oreck Vacuum Belt - How to change your Oreck vacuum cleaner belt and brush roller on an Oreck XL or Oreck XL2 lightweight vacuum.

Oreck XL Unclog - How to unclog your Oreck XL upright vacuum. Oreck vacuum are known to clog and are designed to make the unclogging process an easy repair for the vacuum owner.

Oreck Vacuum Bags - Advice on how to remove or replace the cloth exterior Oreck vacuum cleaner bag.

I would NOT recommend fixing the following problems yourself:

Electrical problem/Cord Replacement
Unusual noise in the motor area.
Anything involving the motor.

The problems listed above can be difficult for some people to deal with. Oreck vacuums aren't very difficult to repair when compared to a lot other vacuum cleaners, but you don't want to risk breaking anything (remember what you paid for it). Find a local vacuum store that does repairs and doesn't charge for estimates. Most of my customers come to my store every time there vacuum doesn't perform the way they are used to. I change vacuum belts and unclog vacuum cleaners for people all the time, so don't be reluctant or embarrassed to have a professional look at your vacuum cleaner. The repairs above will require vacuum parts from Oreck anyway.

Oreck Vacuum Cleaner Review

General Info: One of the most popular lightweight vacuum cleaners on the market. Heavily advertised. The differences between various Oreck XL and XL2 lightweight vacuums are minor in terms of performance. The more basic model has a standard handle and the power switch on the base. The most expensive model has an ergonomic handle with the power switch on the handle. It also has a 2-speed motor and a hypo-allergenic vacuum cleaner bag. There are models that fall between the 2 I have mentioned, the difference being features. I don't notice a difference as far as actual performance goes, regardless of the model. Some of the newest Oreck vacuums feature a swivel action head so that the vacuum is easier to maneuver while cleaning your floor.

Pros: lightweight, one of the better upright vacuum cleaners for cleaning hard surfaces tile and linoleum. Reasonably easy to repair. Only requires basic troubleshooting. Good for low pile carpets, like berber, oriental rugs. Vacuum bags and parts for Oreck are all over the internet and change very little if at all between various models so replacement parts are fairly easy to identify.

Cons: Tends to clog. Doesn't perform well on higher pile carpets, especially if your home has any pets that shed. Small motor. Small fan These cons are fairly common amongst lightweight vacuum cleaners.

Comments: Lightweight vacuums usually do not clean carpet as well as regular sized vacuums in the same price range. The motor is smaller. This is the trade off when your purchase a lightweight vacuum cleaner.If you do not need a lightweight vacuum cleaner you can buy a stronger vacuum cleaner in the same price range that is heavier. A larger, more powerful upright vacuum cleaner with attachments on board may meet your cleaning needs if weight is not an issue.

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