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Oreck Vacuum Cleaner FAQ

Q: Why does my Oreck vacuum smell like something is burning?

A: If your Oreck vacuum smells like burnt rubber while you are operating the vacuum cleaner , the brush roller isn't spinning but the motor pulley is. This creates friction and causes the vacuum belt to burn apart. This may have been caused by something temporarily jamming the roller (like the end of an area rug) or the roller itself isn't spinning because it is broken or it is bound up with hair, string, or carpet fiber. Stop using the vacuum cleaner and clear the problem. There is a link below with instructions on how to change an upright Oreck vacuum cleaner belt.

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Oreck Vacuum Belt - Oreck belts stretch over time and should be changed every year or any time you smell burning rubber. If you have pets, new carpet, or residents with long hair you should also use these instructions to clear the brush roller as needed on your Oreck XL vacuum cleaner. While Oreck does make one of the best lightweight vacuums they do not have a very powerful motor so it is probably more important to maintain the brush roller and the belt on an Oreck vacuum cleaner.

If the burning smell seems to smell like something other than burnt rubber you may have an electrical problem. I would bring your Oreck vacuum to a repair shop that gives free estimates if this is the case.

Q: Why does my Oreck vacuum "spit out" instead of "pick-up"?

A: Your Oreck vacuum cleaner is probably clogged. You can confirm this by turning the vacuum cleaner on and keep an eye on the exterior vacuum bag. If the vacuum bag doesn't expands, than the vacuum is clogged. Do not use the vacuum until you have cleared the clog.

Oreck Vacuum Unclog - Oreck vacuum cleaners can potentially clog in a number of places (fan housing, neck, or the tube.). This repair guide will explain all of the steps necessary to unclog an Oreck vacuum cleaner.

Q: How often should I change my Oreck vacuum belt?

A: I would recommend changing your Oreck vacuum belt every 6 months (pet owners) to a year (light foot traffic in the home). Oreck vacuum belts stretch over time, and affect the performance of the vacuum.

Q: How often should I change my Oreck bags?

A: I would change your Oreck vacuum cleaner bag on the Oreck upright when it gets to be about three quarters full or the vacuum cleaner starts to feel too heavy when you are pushing it.

If you are using the Oreck Housekeeper / BusterBee portable canister vacuum, I would change the bag when it appears to be half to three quarters full. Overfilling an Oreck portable canister vacuum bag will strain the motor and hamper the performance of the canister vacuum because a full vacuum bag will reduce the amount of suction that is being created in the vacuum chamber. If you vacuum up anything that is very dense like sheet rock dust I would replace the vacuum bag right away.

If you overfill an upright Oreck vacuum bag, the debris will back up into the back tube and clog up the vacuum cleaner.

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