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Rainbow Vacuum Repair Info

Replace your Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner Belt

Step 1:
UNPLUG YOUR CANISTER RAINBOW VACUUM CLEANER. Make sure the powerhead you are working on looks like the Rainbow vacuum powerhead the picture. They are 2 different types of Rainbow powerheads belt replacements that we cover on this website.
rainbow powerhead

Step 2:
Disconnect your vacuum cleaners powerhead by unplugging the pigtail powercord and press the button on the wand where it is attached to the powerhead neck.

rainbow canister wand
Step 3:
Place the vacuums powerhead upside down on a flat surface so that you access to the bottom plate. Make sure the screw on the left side of the bottom plate reflects that it is unlocked. Push the two tabs on the bottom plate inward and lift to remove. You should now be looking at the vacuum cleaner motor and roller area.
rainbow vacuum
rainbow vacuum belt


Step 4:
Lift up the belt cover. Cut off the old Rainbow vacuum cleaner belt if it is still installed and remove the roller. Clean your Rainbow brush roller with a scissor to remove any hair, string, and carpet fiber from the roller. Spin the roller with your hand to confirm that it is spinning freely and the bearings are not hung up.

rainbow vacum belts
rainbow vac belts

Step 5:
Place the correct sized replacement vacuum belt over the middle of the brush roller. Now install the brush roller. Pull the vacuum cleaner belt over the vacuum cleaner motor shaft. Snap the vacuum cleaner belt cover back into place.

rainbow vacum
rainbow vacuum belt
Step 6:
Spin the vacuum cleaner roller a few times with your hand before you plug in and operate the vacuum cleaner to confirm that everything is ok. Reassemble.
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