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Rainbow Vacuum (Old Style)

Replace your Rainbow Vacuum Belt

Step 1:
UNPLUG YOUR RAINBOW VACUUM CLEANER. If you're Rainbow vacuum powerhead doesn't really look the one in the photo's, these directions wont help you. Look on this website for the other Rainbow belt change article.
rainbow vacuum

Step 2:
Disconnect the powerhead from your Rainbow canister vacuum cleaner hose by unplugging the pigtail powercord and press the button on the wand where it is attached to the powerhead neck.

rainbow vacuum
Step 3:
Place your vacuums powerhead upside down on a flat surface so that you access to the bottom plate. Remove the 2 phillips head screws and remove the bottom plate. Put the plate and screws to the side.
rainbow vacuum


Step 4:
Remove the old Rainbow vacuum cleaner belt and inspect the roller. Use a scissor to remove any hair, string, and carpet fiber from the roller. Spin the roller with your hand to confirm that it is spinning freely.

rainbow vacuum
rainbow vacuum

Step 5:
Install a new vacuum belt on your Rainbow. Place it over the motor shaft first, then roll it over the belt pulley (on the far right of the roller). Expect the vacuum belt to feel like it is a little to tight.

rainbow vacuum
Step 6:
Spin the vacuum cleaner roller a few times to assure that everything is ok. Reassemble.
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