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There are 2 styles of the Rainbow Powerhead that I am familiar with. The older style roller has a belt pulley on the far right of the roller. In the more current models, the belt is located in the center of the roller. Your vacuum cleaner powerhead should match the picture in the how to articles. Both Rainbow powerheads use the same size vacuum belt.

Rainbow Vacuum Belt - Advice on replacing a Rainbow vacuum belt on the old style Rainbow powerhead. Rainbow vacuum belts will stretch over time as you operate the vacuum and changing the belt regularly will help maintain effectiveness.

Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner Belt - Replacement advice for the current/newer style Rainbow powerhead. Vacuum belts should be replaced annually to maintain best performance on carpet.

Rainbow Vacuum Tip 1:
It is imperative that the seperator fan clean on any Rainbow vacuum cleaner is kept clean. The fan is at the bottom of the vacuum and is easily accessible once you remove the water basin. I recommend that you remove the seperator fan and clean it every time you empty out the water basin. The nut that hold the seperator fan onto the vacuum should ONLY be hand tightened. Remove the nut from the machine, and clean the seperator fan under warm water with the brush that was provided with the vacuum cleaner. I use a tooth brush if necessary. If the seperator fan becomes caked with debris, you will harm the vacuum cleaner.

Rainbow Vacuum Tip 2:
If you can't locate a rainbow vacuum belt, ask for a Eureka Power Nozzle belt. They are almost the same vacuum belt and a Eureka power nozzle belt will be much easier to locate for purchase.

Rainbow Vacuum Tip 3:
In the OLDER style rainbow vacuum cleaner (the belt is located on the right side of the roller) I use a Eureka Power Nozzle motor if the powerhead motor burns out. The Eureka power nozzle is very simple to replace and is a self-explanatory repair. You will see this if you remove the bottom plate from a Rainbow vacuum powernozzle.

Quick Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner Review

General Info: The rainbow canister vacuum cleaner is only available directly from Rainbow (Rexair LLC). This vacuum cleaner is about as unique as they get nowadays. It utilizes a water basin at the bottom of the machine to collect dust and debris, preventing the collected debris from becoming redistributed into the air.

Pros: No vacuum cleaner bags. Dust and debris are not able to be redistributed into the air once. With proper maintenace, these vacuum cleaners tend to last a long time. Decent strength on carpeting.

Cons: The utilization of a water basin is not for everyone. Heavy, and probably not the best choice for a 2 story home due the the weight of the canister. A lack of proper maintenance can really harm this vacuum. Expensive. Water basin can leak if it's not secured properly. Current models have a hepa filter that needs to replaced every 6 to 8 months.

Comments: In my experience, I find this to be a real love it or hate type of product as far as customer opinions goes. Rainbow vacuum cleaners tend to last a very long time if taken care of properely. If you have a older rainbow vacuum cleaner, it may be worthwhile to have the canister motor replaced (not fixed) if the vacuum dies on you. This is contigent on the condition of the hose and powerhead. Parts for Rainbow vacuum cleaners are easy to locate online, even if you have an older vacuum.

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