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Changing a Sanitaire Vacuum Belt - The advice on replacing the belt on a commercial Sanitaire that uses a rounded belt is also applicable any Eureka vacuum that takes an F&G vacuum bag and uses a rounded vacuum cleaner belt. It will be applicable to any Sanitiare that uses a rounded vacuum cleaner belt.

Sanitaire Vacuum Roller - Replace worn roller brushes. Roller brushes wear with use and need to be replaced every few years so that your vacuum can clean carpeted surfaces effectively. Commercial vacuum brush rollers are typically made of metal and the brushes can be replaces as opposed to replacing the vacuum cleaner roller. Metal rollers are expensive so as long as it is spinning without resistance, you should only need to replaces the brushes as needed.

Vacuum Belt Replacements
Find replacement vacuum belts for Sanitiare & Eureka vacuums.
Sanitaire Vacuum Bags
Most Sanitaire vacuum bags are made by Eureka and are branded as Eureka.

Sanitaire Vacuum Tip 1:
Whether your changing a paper vacuum cleaner bag or emptying a dump out bag, consider removing the cloth vacuum bag from a commercial Sanitaire vacuum and use another vacuum cleaner that has a hose and a crevice tool to vacuum out the inside of the cloth bag before you reattach it to your Sanitaire. Santiare vacuum cleaner dump out bags tend to get saturatd by the dust and debris that they collect and really need to be thoroughly cleaned from time to time. Even if your Sanitaire vacuum uses an F and G paper vacuum bag the outer cloth bag will still need to cleaned, just not as often as a dump out model.

Sanitaire Vacuum Tip 2:
You may want to install a magnet to the front of the commercial Sanitaire vacuum cleaner. This will help pick up any staples, nails, or screws that would damage the vacuum fan. A vacuum magnet is fairly common, so you should be able to find on onlne or in a vacuum cleaner store. Consider a vacuum cleaner magnet to be preventative maintenance because you will eventually break the vacuum cleaner fan on a Sanitiare if you push your luck by vacuuming up items that should not be passing through the fan during operation.

Vacuum Belt Info
Brief article on vacuum cleaner belt maintenance.
Vacuum FAQs
Questions we frequently encounter from vacuum cleaner customers.

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