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Sharp Vacuum Cleaner Belt

Repair Guide for Sharp Twin Energy Upright Vacuum Belt

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The Sharp Energy Twin Energy upright vacuum series were very powerful vacuum cleaners. These belt usually broke when the person vacuuming would get the roller jammed up on the end of a throw or area rug. These vacuums had a lot of suction, and cleaned carpet more aggressively than most of the other retail level vacuums. This repair is pretty easy, but will require a bit of strength to reinstall the new vacuum belt. These belts should be changed at least once a year in my opinion.

There is only one size vacuum cleaner belt for upright sharp vacuum cleaners and only one size vacuum bag. The Sharp belt has a part number of BU3. The upright vacuum bags must reference the bag # PU2. Pay attention and make sure there is a U in the bag number or you may accidentally order canister vacuum bags, which won't fit you Sharp upright vacuum cleaner. Can't tell you how often this happens when consumers are buying vac bags online.

Step 1:
Step 2:
Place the vacuum cleaner upside down on a table so that you are looking down at the bottom plate. Release the lever to unlock the based of the vacuum cleaner. Slide the tab on the bottom plate to release it. Remove the bottom plate.
pic of bottom of the vacuum

Step 3:
Lift the belt cover on the right side of the vacuum cleaner, revealing the motor belt pulley. There is a small part near the roller pulley. Pay attention to this part. You don't want to forget to put this part back on. Remove the part and disconnect the belt from the vacuum pulley first or cut it off with a cutting tool (not scissors).

bottom of the vacuum exposed pic

important vacuum part pic

Step 4:
Remove the roller. Remove any debris from the roller and make sure that it spins. Place the belt over the motor pulley first and then over the roller pulley. You really need to stabilize the vacuum during this phase of the repair. Make sure you pay attention to the shape of the ends of the roller to assure you are putting back in place the right way. Put that piece I referred to in Step 2 back in place. Spin the roller with your hand. Make sure it isn't bound up. If the roller doesn't spin freely with the belt on it, you'll burn the belt off when you start the machine. Reassemble you Sharp vacuum cleaner. If it continues to break belts or there seems to be problem with the roller, bring it to a business that offers vacuum repair.
sharp belt and vacuum roller removed

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