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Sharp Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Sharp has stopped making vacuum cleaners for US customers. You can still find their vacuum cleaners for sale on the internet. I assume they are refurbished or possibly left overs.

The Twin Energy series of upright vacuums Sharp made were very powerful. These vacuums cleaned like premium brand vacuum cleaners and could be bought at retail prices. The most common problem I experienced involved people running over your cords. Sometimes you can get away with that if you're using a weaker vacuum cleaner, but the Twin Energy had a lot of suction.

Sharp Vacuum Bags
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Vacuum Cleaner Belts
Sharp BU-3 vacuum belt for upright Sharp bagged models.

The Sharp web site still contains archived vacuum cleaner information that may be helpful if you need to perform any type of repair. Parts are still available, and so are the vacuum cleaner bags. I doubt you'll find them in a supermarket at this point in time, but any internet or brick and mortar vacuum cleaner store should have them.

Sharp Vacuum Repair

Sharp Vacuum Belt - Sharp Twin Energy series and models similar in body style.

Sharp Vacuum Unclog - Sharp Twin Energy series and similar models. One of the easier vacuum cleaners to unclog.

If the cord is exposed or you're having any other difficulties, I would recommend going to a repair shop, providing they give free estimates.

Sharp Vacuum Tip:

Never use cheap bags for the Sharp vacuum cleaners. Also check the bag area frequently so you don't accelerate the process of buring out the motor. Air flow is very important to the Twin Energy series and canister vacuums. Keep the filter in the bag area clean. This is extremely important to maintain proper suction and avoid strain on the Sharp vacuum motor.

If you have a Sharp upright vacuum that utilizes a bag you need a Sharp PU2 bag. This is the only size bag available for a Sharp upright. Canisters models probably use the PC2. High quality Sharp vacuum cleaner bags are available and less expensive than the Sharp brand bags. Envirocare and Micro-Line replacement vacuum bags for Sharp upright and canister models are both equal in quality to the bags that Sharp makes and are less expensive. I'm mentioning this because eventually the original Sharp brand bags will become unavailable and you can save a few dollars without sacrificing quality.

Overfilling a Sharp vacuum cleaner bag will absolutely reduce the suction of the vacuum and can create strain on the motor. I would recommend not letting the vacuum bag fill up more than half way. I would also recommend that you clean up the filter inside the vacuum (shake it out, vacuum it clean with another vacuum) and make sure it is properely seated inside the vacuum. This filter protects your motor from dust and debris.

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