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Simplicity Freedom Vacuum Repair

Repair Guide - How to replace a Simplicity Freedom Vacuum Belt

The Simplicity Freedom is Simplicity's lightweight 8lb. vacuum designed to compete with Oreck. It is competively priced and in my opinion, it is a stronger vacuum. It is still a "lightweight" vacuum, so don't expect this vacuum to clean as well as a Simplicity Series 6 for example. The vacuum belt area is accesible without any tools, making this repair rather painless. You can use this repair guide to access your roller if you notice it's becoming bound up with carpet fiber, hair, or string.

Simplicity Freedom Bags
Simplicity Type F vacuum cleaner bags made by Simplicity.
Simplicity Vacuum Belt
Pair of Simplicity Vacuum Belts for Freedom, 6 Series, and 7 Series vacs.

Step 1:

Step 2:
Place in on a table in a secure positon so that you will be able to stabilize it as you access the bottom of the vacuum. You will notice 2 tabs in back of the roller. Carefully pull these tabs too you (assuming your standing over the back of the vacuum and not over the roller). Do one side at a time, gently lifting the plate. If you pull to hard, you will break something.

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Step 3:
Now that the bottom plate is removed you can see that the belt and the motor pulley on the left side of the vacuum. If there is a belt on the machine, cut it off or remove the roller and take the vacuum belt off. Remove any strings or debris from the roller. Make sure the roller isn't frozen by spinning it in your hands

exposed simplicity roller and belt area

removing vacuum part for repair

Step 4:
Place the new vacuum belt over the motor pulley and then over the roller pulley. Reinstall the roller. Move the roller with your thumbs to make sure that the belt isn't stuck. After you have confirmed that the roller is moving the way it should you can place the bottom plate back on the vacuum cleaner. I would not wait until this belt breaks to replace it. On a lightweight vacuum, I would replace the belt every six months. This way the belt is tight and the performance of the vacuum is maximixed. Very important when you're using a vacuum with a small motor. If you're having a problem with the roller or the vacuum is making a noise, bring it in to a shop for repair.
confirm roller moves without undue resistance

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Simplicity Vacuum Belt for Freedom, 6 Series, and 7 Series vacs.
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