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Simplicity Series 6 Vacuum Repair

Repair Guide for unclogging a Simplicity Series Vacuum

Unclogging a Simplicity Series 6 vacuum cleaner is not a difficult vacuum cleaner repair. The areas of the vacuum that you need to check for debris are easily accessible. This task usually doesn't require the use of any tools. This repair guide will be relevant to the Simplicity Series 6 vacuum series. Motors can burn out over time, and using the vacuum while it is clogged will only speed up the process.

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Step 1:

Step 2:
Remove the front cover of the vacuum, revealing the vacuum bag area. Remove the vacuum bag. A Simplicity vacuum cleaner bag should be less than or no more than half full or it will impact the performance of the machine. I know these bags are small, but you really should keep an eye on this area of the vacuum to maximixe it's ability to clean. An overfilled vacuum bag can cause problems with the motor sooner or later, and that's an expensive repair. After you have remove the vacuum cleaner bag, check for and remove any debris that might have backed up into the vacuum. The motor is located under this filter. Put a new vacuum cleaner bag back on the machine before you close this area up. Make sure the vacuum bag is secure.

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Step 3:
The next area you want to look at is at the base of the machine. Remove the vacuum suction hose from the bottom of the machine (like you would when you use the attachments). Inspect the suction hose and the area you just removed it from for debris. If you are using a needle nose plier to remove debris, be careful you don't puncture the vacuums suction hose.
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Step 4:
Turn the vacuum upside down on a surface where you can safely access the bottom of the vacuum. Remove the bottom place. On your left hand side behind the roller, check for debris. Reassemble your vacuum cleaner. Make sure you didn't forget to replace the vacuum cleaner bag. If the vacuum is still clogged up, repeat the steps above. If you are still having problems, bring the vacuum in for repair to an authorized dealer.

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