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Repair Guide - Replace your Series 6 vacuum belt

This repair should be performed is you smell burning or your roller isn't moving. You should confirm that your roller is spinning freely. Don't touch the roller area while the vacuum cleaner is on. You won't need any tools for this repair. These belts should be changed every 6 to 12 months.

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Step 1:

Step 2:
Place your simplicity vacuum cleaner securely upside on a table or bench. Touch the release on the right side of the vacuum cleaner so the handle isn't in a locked position. Push the releases inward to remove the bottom plate on the vacuum.

Step 3:
Remove the bottom plate. If there is a belt on the vacuum, you can remove it with a cutting tool, remove it from the motor shaft with your thumb, or pull the roller out first. It doesn't really matter. Remove the roller from the vacuum. Remove any hair, string, or carpet strands from the roller with a scissor. Spin the roller a couple of times to make sure it is spinning freely.
Step 4:
Place the new vacuum belt over the vacuum motor shaft. Place the vacuum belt over the belt pulley on the roller. Reinstall the roller. Spin the roller a few times to confirm the belt was installed properely. Reinstall the bottom plate and make sure you push the releases outward to engage them. If you smell a burning smell when you run the vacuum, the roller isn't moving. You may need to repeat the repair or you might want to just take it to a shop.

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