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Chart of Simplicity Vacuum Cleaner Bags

Simplicity vacuum cleaner bags should be easy to find on the internet. I have provided a guide to help you find which vacuum bag correctly fits your Simplicity vacuum. New vacuums come out all the time, so I would recommend that you confirm that you are buying the correct bag for your Simplicity to avoid any restocking fees.

Simplicity Vacuum Filter
Upright and canister vacuum cleaner filters for all Simplicity vacuums.
Simplicity Vacuum Bags
HiFlow HEPA & Healthy Home allergen vacuum cleaner bags made by Simplicity.

Some of the Simplicity vacuum bags are easy to identify (Simplicity Synergy models use Synergy bags). The vacuum bags listed below are less obvious. I recommend using the Simplicity brand name bags because they are all high quality. Simplicity paper allergen bags are branded as Healthy Home and the white HEPA bags are the HIFlow HEPA and they come in a box. For some high end vacuums like the Synergy, HEPA bags are the only choice. Some Simplicity brand bags like the Type H or Type B are available in paper and cloth.

Simplicity Upright Vacuum Cleaner Bags:

Simplicity Type A Vacuum Bag fits:

6 Series - models 6600, 6670, 6900, 6970
6000 Series - models 6100, 6370, 6400, 6550, 6570
5000 series - models 4800, 5200, 5300
Commercial Series:
model 5500, 6870

Simplicity Type B Vacuum Bag fits:

7 Series - models 7700, 7750, 7850
7000 Series - models 7200, 7250, 7300, 7350
Commercial Series:
models 7400, 7450, 7900, 7950

Simplicity Type F Vacuum Bag fits:

Freedom Lightweight Vacuum Models F3300, F3400

Simplicity Type Q Vacuum Bag fits:

Quicksilver (Simplicity brand bags include the filter)

Simplicity Canister Vacuum Cleaner Bags:

Simplicity Type G Vacuum Bag fits:

model S11L, Scout

Simplicity Type J Vacuum Bag fits:

model S12, Champ

Simplicity Type H Vacuum Bag fits:

models S13L, S14CL, S18, S24, S38

Simplicity Vacuum Bag Type S fits:

model S100,Sport

Simplicity vacuum bags are not the easiest bag to locate in retail stores. If you can not find Simplicity vacuum bags, look for a authorized Riccar vacuum store. Riccar and Simplicity are both made by the Tacony corporation. There vacuum bags are equal in quality but they are branded differently. Instead of Healthy HOme or HiFlow HEPA, Riccar uses terms like Eco-Pure and Micro-Pure. Same bags, different wrapper. A Store can help you determine which Riccar vacuum bags are the size equivalent of the Simplicity bags you need. Whichever brand of bag you end up using, I would recommend looking for the HEPA filter bags for you vac if available.

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