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Simplicity Vacuum Cleaner

Simplicity is the best vacuum cleaner you've never heard of. This is a "premium" vacuum cleaner, so you'll only see it sold through authorized vacuum store dealers. I sell Simplicity vacuum cleaners because I feel they are very high quality and reliable. I don't want customers coming back to me disappointed, so I really like this brand. Riccar is also manufactured by same parent company, and they are more or less the same vacuum cleaners with some minor cosmetic changes. Simplicity bags, belts and filters can be used in comparable Riccar vacuum cleaners and are of equal quality.

Simplicity Bags
Healthy Home and Hi Flow HEPA vacuum bags made by Simplicity for Simplicity.
Simplicity Vacuum Parts
Simplicity brand Hoses, HEPA & Charcoal filters for upright and canister Simplicity vacuum cleaners.

Simplicity Vacuum Repair

Simplicity 6 Vacuum Belt - for the Simplicity Series 6 upright.

Simplicity Vacuum Repair - how to unclog a Simplicity Series 6 vacuum. Most full sized upright vacuums that are made by Simplicity and Riccar share a similar design and can be inspected and unclogged in the same manner. Even the Simplicity Synergy or the Riccar Brilliance can be unclogged in a similar manner.

Simplicity Freedom Belt - how to guide for the Lightweight Simplicity Freedom vacuum series. This repair information is also relevant to the Riccar Supra Lite.

Simplicity Vacuum Bags - vacuum bag chart of genuine Simplicity HIFlow HEPA and Healthy Home bags

Simplicity Vacuum Reviews

General Info:

Simplicity is a one of the best premium vacuum cleaners. They offer a diverse range of high quality vacuum cleaners, where other high end manufacturers seem to have a more limited product line. Simplicity doesn't really advertise, so they end up being one of the best kept secrets in the industry. If you are looking for Simplicity and you can't find a local dealer, look for Riccar. Same parent company and the vacuums are very similar.


One of the best vacuum cleaner manufacturers. There canisters, uprights, and the lightweight upright are excellent values. Easy to work on. The lightweight upright vacuum cleaner is arguably the best in its class. The regular upright vacuums and the canisters are all exceptional carpet cleaners, reliable. Make the strongest carpet cleaning canister vacuum around.


Vacuum usually needs to bought in person. Can't be sold over the internet ( or at least not yet). Vacuum cleaner hose is a little short on the uprights.


I sell the full line of Simplcity vacuum cleaners at my store. This is one of the top brands available. I could sell brands that have more name recognition, but I find them to perform very well and they're reliable. After being rated number 1 in Consumer Guide, there popularity has increased.

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