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Residential Upright Vacuum Cleaners

In a residence that is primarily carpeted (wall to wall), most of my customers prefer an upright vacuum. Upright vacuum cleaners are easier to manuever in open areas. If you have a pet (especially a pet that sheds) a high pile carpet, and/or live in an area where you may track sand into your home, I strongly recommend the following brands of upright vacuum:

All of these vacuum cleaner brands above are only offered through authorized vacuum dealers. Simplicity and Riccar vacuum cleaners are not available online at the moment, but if you buy one at a vacuum store, vacuum bags and other accessories are readily available on the internet. Sebo and Miele vacuums are both readily available online and you can find plenty of positive vacuum reviews on their upright vacuums. (online and "brick and mortar") tend to carry the higher quality vacuum cleaners. Most vac stores carry at least one of these brands. Riccar and Simplicity are both owned by Tacony, so a dealer will either carry one or the other.

In my experience, the vacuum cleaners manufactured by these companies have proven to be the easiest to maintain and the most reliable. They are listed in alphabetical order, not by preference. Most of the vacuums made by these companies have a similar design that minimizes the exposure the motor that generates suction, and have powerful motors that produce a lot of suction. If you maintain these machines (or more specifically don't overfill the bags, change the belt at least once a year, and try not to run over the cord) they should last for years and continue to perform better than most of the more popular brands. Bags, belts, and other accessories are readily available for all of manufacturers listed above.

If a vacuum is advertised as being "lightweight" (this is usally in the 8 to 9lb. range), it probably doesn't have have a design that protects the motor. Whatever you pick up passes throught the fan. If you physically require or just prefer a lightweight vacuum cleaner, you need to be very careful when cleaning. A coin can very easily break then fan and/or the fan housing of the vacuum cleaner.

Are there other brands that I recommend? In a home with a low pile rug, light foot traffic, and/or no pets, most upright vacuums will clean sufficiently, but you would be well served to look at the machines made by the manufacurers I mentioned earlier.

If someone in your household suffer from allergies or asthma, you should be researching a vacuum cleaner with a good filtration system (you'll notice terms like: hepa filter, hypo-allergenic, hepa-like filtration, etc). More and more vacuums are being designed with improved filtration systems. You will pay more, but a good filtration system can reduce exposure to dust and dust mites during vacuuming. I strongly recommend that you buy micro-filtered vacuum cleaner bags for any vacuum cleaner. Besides the filtering effects, they don't tend to break or rip open inside the vacuum as often as cheap bags. If you really need to be concerned about filtration for health reasons, make sure the vacuum cleaner you are purchasing is a "sealed" system. If the vacuum is sealed properly, it won't leak air before it is passed through the filter out to the exhaust. This is a very important, and currently very expensive feature.

When you decide on an upright vacuum cleaner, you may want to check to see if an additional tool kit is available. An upright cleaning on a hard floor will usually blow the dirt around, or possible damage the floor with the roller. Most of the "stock" onboard attachments are sufficient (usually a crevice tool, a floor tool, and an upholstrey brush), but it's nice to have a longer vacuum hose when are vacuuming a kitchen or a hardwood surface. This will minimize the amount of time you need to move the vacuum cleaner. An additional tool kit also comes in handy when you need to vacuum under a bed or any area that an upright can't get under.

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