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Vacuum Cleaner FAQ

Q: Which vacuum cleaner is the best?

A: The best vacuum cleaner is defined by your cleaning needs and environment. Do you have wall to wall carpeting or primarily hard flooring. How large is your home. Does anyone in the home suffer from allergies or asthma. These are just a few of the questions you need to ask yourself before you purchase the best vacuum cleaner for you. We provide by type (upright, canister, and central) on this site. These articles should provide you with a foundation of what to look for in a vacuum cleaner.

Q: Why does my vacuum smell like something is burning?

A: If it smells like burnt rubber, it's probably the vacuum belt. First, unplug your vacuum cleaner. The brush roller stopped spinning. This can be cause by vacuuming up the end of an area rug or something that would jam up the roller. You should examine the roller. Is it bound up with hair or string. Does it spin freely. If the roller is in good condition, you should replace the vacuum cleaner belt.

If it doesn't smell like burnt rubber, you probably have an electrical problem with your vacuum. I would recommend bring it to a vacuum cleaner store that provides free estimates.

Q: How often change my vacuum cleaner bag?

A: First of all, never overfill vacuum bags. Second, if you have a canister vacuum cleaner, I would change the vacuum bag once it becomes half full and no later than three quarters full. Failure to do so will typically result in your vacuum producing less suction while it is operating.

If you have an upright vacuum, it realy depends on what type of upright vacuum you have. If your upright vacuum has a cloth outer bag then it does not really matter when you change the paper vac bag. The half to three quarters rule mentioned above would be a safe bet for uprights that do not fit the previous description.

Q: How do I unclog my vacuum cleaner?

A: First, check the vacuum cleaner bag. Make sure you did not over fill it. When a bag gets overfilled it can back up into the vacuum cleaner. You will also want to make sure the area that debris enters into the vacuum bag is clear. If the vacuum cleaner is still clogged, look at the bottom of the vacuum and check for debris. You may need to take the vacuum apart or clear a vac hose, depending on what type of vacuum you have.

Q; How often should I change my vacuum cleaner belt?

A: This answer depends on what type of vacuum belt you have. If the vacuum cleaner belt is geared, you can go for years. If you have the more common type of vacuum belt that stretches, I would recommend changing it once a year. This will insure that the brush roller is able to clean your carpet effectively.

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